LED Lighting

LED Lighting


What is LED?

An LED or Light Emitting Diode is a special type diode, containing semiconductor Materials, which converts electrical energy directly into light. The wavelength, or color, of the light emitted depends on the exact combination of different materials. This makes it possible to produce LEDs that emit red, amber, green, cyan or blue light. As this light is more or less of one wavelength the colors are saturated and no filters are needed.

Not sure where LED lighting fits in your life? We have ideas that can change any room into work of art!

White LEDs 

A white LED is based on a blue LED covered with phosphors, converting the blue light partly into yellow. The mixture of the two colors of light is white.

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Decorative Applications

Dimming and color changing effects are the basis for many decorative and Architectural lighting applications. The LED is an electronic component, switches on instantaneously and can be electronically controlled to cause these effects. Many products make use of these possibilities to be controlled via soft or hardware. Colored LEDs can be used to change a room dramatically at home or at work.

Residential Lighting

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Commercial Lighting

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CEI has the knowledge and experience to create any look you desire. LED lighting is a new trend, not only because of its classic and unique look, but also because of the affordable price and reduction in used energy.

If you are ready to turn your home or business into a beautiful light show at an affordable rate, call us today!